ora 1 : Writing Sound : 27 June 2013


Ora 1 … Writing Sound
Daniela Cascella and Salomé Voegelin
27 June 2013

Writing Sound voices the relationship between listening, hearing, talking and writing – it puts forward a language that is part of the listening practice and challenges the nominal relationship between sound and words, naming and reference. It is language as the production of words, the material of language, in response to the material of sound, that invites listening as a material process also to uncover in language the process of listening, rather the source of what is being heard.

“The recording, in words, of what I heard, invites not recognition, but a further act of interpretation, re-invention: The production in your auditory imagination of what it possibly was I heard, and which you relate to something you have heard too, or might go on to hear…”